Rideau Lakes Cottages


Enjoy the peaceful charm of the Rideau Canal from one of our private cottages. Our cottages rent by the week, and are a variety of sizes and price ranges.
The Rideau Lakes offer great fishing, scenery and water-sports, plus great dining and shopping, dining in the art galleries, pubs, winery, restaurants of the small towns of the Rideau Lakes Region

Rideau Lakes Cottages has partnered with Simmons' Cottages and Dorothy's Lodge to provide for the Rideau Lakes area the new Chaffey's Outdoor Expo and Simmons' Single Track Mountain Bike Trail and Cross-country Ski Trail

    The Chaffey’s Outdoor Expo will be an end of season showcase of the best adventure tourism operators and outfitters in the area. Featuring end of model year sales for boaters, cyclists, paddlers, hikers, and adventurers in a try-before-you-buy environment with immediate access to both trails and the water, the expo will be like no other. The experience will be further enhanced by an assortment of local food trucks and live music in the picnic area. This will happen Sept 23, 2023 and hopefully for many years to come!

    Also partnering with Simmons' Cottages and Dorothy's Lodge, Rideau Lakes Cottages is developing a single track mountain bike trail and cross-country ski trail in the woods owned by Simmons's Cottages in Chaffey's Lock.  The trails will be available to the public for a small donation. We know that this will add to the many outdoor activities that make the Rideau Lakes Region special!

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