Answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Yes, the calendar is up to date! The calendar that you see, is the same one that we work from.

Check-in/out- Can we get in early/leave late? These cottages are privately owned and not only do we clean the cottages between renters, but the owners often will visit to do some upgrades or to just check on things. The owners prefer to be undisturbed during this time, so we generally don’t allow early/late check-in/out times. There are some exceptions though: ie. If there is no booking before or after your booking. If this is the case, you may ask for an early/late check-in/out within one week of the date that you want to change. This is in case there is a last-minute booking.

BBQ: propane is provided! There will be an extra tank available that you can switch to if you run-out. Please place the empty tank in an obvious place so that we know to refill it.

Balance of rent: We automatically take the payment from the credit card provided and will send you a receipt when complete, one month before check-in. If you would like to pay with a different method, please let us know before the one month date.

Kitchen: Every cottage will have enough plates, glasses, cups and silverware for the max number of people allowed at the cottage. There will also be pots, pans, mixing bowls, and measuring cups. Every cottage has the following appliances: fridge with freezer, stove, microwave, toaster, coffee maker , and kettle (either electric or stovetop). 

Damage deposit: Your credit card will be "authorized" for the damage deposit amount, a few days before your check-in. This just means that it will be held on your card for up to 30 days from the time it is authorized and automatically returned to your card. You will not see it coming off your card or going back on your card. 

Cancellations: You will get your deposit back if you cancel with 30 days or more notice, minus a 3% credit card fee. Officially, any deposit paid will be forfeited if you cancel with less than 30 days notice, AND if we cannot find new renters to take your dates. If we can re-book your week with less than 30 days notice, you will be refunded your deposit minus the 3% credit card fee. Unofficially, we will work with the property owners to allow you to come during another time that would not otherwise have been rented-out in order to not have you lose your deposit without being able to stay at the property.